Secure aata with IBM Spectrum Protect

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The Federal Criminal Police Office documented 108,000 cases last year - and the trend is rising. The latest hacker attack by the Eastern European hacker group "Darkside" on the Colonial pipeline impressively shows that it is no longer sufficient to rely on your firewall and the use of a virus scanner. The decisive factor is whether or not I as a company am able to recover involuntarily encrypted data on my own.

Often a holistic concept is missing that also takes effect when the worst case scenario has already occurred. Then the exciting questions are:

  • How long will it take until I can work again?
  • Can I do it at all under my own steam?

This is where the concept with IBM Spectum Protect comes in.

What is IBM Spectrum Protect?

Spectrum Protect is the leading data protection solution from the American industry leader IBM.

A central intelligence (server) monitors and controls a multitude of end devices and servers (clients) to be secured. After a one-time data backup, this intelligence knows which data is where and can detect changes. For example, it notices that a certain file has become larger or smaller, has been saved again or a new document has been added. This makes it possible to save only the changes. This in turn keeps the amount of data to be transferred small, leads to very fast backup results and enables efficient scaling even in very large IT environments.

The backup of the data is therefore incremental. All meta-information (information we have about our data) is managed by the central intelligence in its own database in such a way that, if necessary, the restoration (so-called restore) of the data always takes place in a single run. This also ensures a time-saving and efficient restoration. The transfer as well as the backup of the data is done in coded form. In addition, Spectrum Protect also supports conceptual security mechanisms that can prevent involuntary encryption of the backup by ransomware.

Key features of IBM Spectum Protect

With our concept based on IBM Spectrum Protect, you receive numerous advantages when securing your data.

Proven concept

IBM Spectrum Protect is one of the market leaders among backup solutions and regularly features in the Gartner Report. Companies and public authorities of all sizes rely on Spectrum Protect as the technological basis of their data protection strategy.


Spectrum Protect supports virtual, physical and cloud environments. The possible scenarios scale from use in smaller IT departments to high-performance use in GEO cluster environments.


Whether GUI or command line, legacy operating system or S3 storage, the range of technologies supported by Spectrum Protect are a real differentiator.

We are your partner:

As TIMETOACT, we take a holistic view of cyber security and focus on building resilient IT and OT. Beyond the mere use of intrusion prevention and intrusion detection systems, we address the fundamental questions with you:

  • Who is allowed to access which data and information, when and from where?
  • Who has accessed which data, when and from where?
  • How should I adapt my organisation, processes, architecture and software to ensure this?
  • How do I react effectively in the event of an incident?
  • Which concepts, processes and technology fit my company?


Review of processes and concepts & health check of the current landscape

Status Quo

Identify weaknesses and (security) gaps in the as-is state


Advice and support in the implementation of our concept with IBM Spectrum Protect


Support with operations through to managed service for optimum security

Procedure for implementation:

We support you with everything from operations to managed services.

  • Review of processes and concepts

    Resilient data protection starts with a coherent concept. Backup is not an end in itself, but only makes sense if backed-up data can be accessed again in the required time. Together with you, we examine the existing processes and take stock of the current situation in order to provide food for thought in a later phase, point out measures and work out implementation options.

  • Health check of the current landscape

    Once the concept and processes have been analysed, this phase moves on to the "software level". The backup runs without problems, but when was the last time a successful restore test was carried out? Am I getting the most out of my installation? Does my software still support all legacy systems or are there gaps? Are my data and applications integrated in the cloud?

  • Identifying weaknesses and gaps

    If weak points have been found, we point them out to you and evaluate the risks in a traffic light chart.

  • Advice and support during implementation

    From a good doctor we not only expect a diagnosis, but also promise a cure. Based on the results, we do not only give you recommendations for action, but also help you with the implementation. In doing so, we deal with conceptual, organisational and technical possibilities, but also support you in licensing aspects and cost optimisation.