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What is IBM SPSS?

Basis for data-driven decisions.

IBM SPSS Modeler is a tool that can be used to model and execute data science and data mining tasks via a graphical user interface. The objective is to make or prepare data-driven decisions in order to achieve better business results or manage risks.

Why should IBM SPSS be used?

New business opportunities, opportunities to increase efficiency and minimise risk.

The IBM SPSS® software platform offers statistical analysis, an extensive library of machine learning algorithms, text analytics, open source extensibility with Python and R, and integration with Big Data applications. Its ease of use, flexibility and scalability make IBM SPSS suitable for users with different skill levels and projects of all sizes and complexity. Thus, the use of SPSS offers new business opportunities, possibilities to increase efficiency and to minimise risks.

We are here for you,

Know-how. Approach. Accompaniment.

Even though IBM's SPSS Modeler is easy to use, the approach to data science and the domain knowledge are crucial for the success of the project.

Our consultants are trained in the use of the SPSS Modeler as well as in the approach and mathematical background. The Data Scientists are also proficient in other programming languages such as R and Python in order to find the optimal solution for the Data Science project. We prefer to follow CRISP-DM, an approach that was described and used very successfully years ago by leading providers and users.

Individual modules, subscriptions & bundles of SPSS

SPSS Statistics 28 has been released and is available as a bundle, single product or module and as a subscription. Bundles and individual products are traditionally licensed as a purchase licence with support or as a rental licence for project work over a certain period of time. Subscriptions are bundled module packages that are cheaper than traditional licences. The software can be used on the operating systems Windows, mac OS and Linux (e.g. Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE).

SPSS Statistics Standard Edition
Bundle of SPSS Statistics Base and the add-on modules Advanced Statistics, Custom Tables and Regression.

SPSS Statistics Premium Edition
Bundle of SPSS Statistics Professional and the additional modules Complex Samples, Exact Tests, Conjoint, Direct Marketing and Neural Networks.

SPSS Statistics Professional Ausgabe
Bundle aus SPSS Statistics Standard und den Zusatzmodulen Data Preparation, Missing Values, Categories, Decision Trees und Forecasting.

SPSS Statistics is a comprehensive, modular solution for predictive analytics and artificial intelligence. Over 15 additional modules are available for special tasks.

SPSS Statistics Base
The basic version (= basic module) for all bivariate and descriptive statistical methods, factor and cluster analyses and for calculating linear regression models. Additional modules (add-ons) can be booked with the basic licence.

SPSS Custom Tables Module
For the presentation-ready display of results and the convenient administration of multiple answer sets.

SPSS Data Preparation Module
For more efficient data preparation, cleaning and validation.

SPSS Categories Module
For product research and attitude measurement, especially for categorical data.

SPSS Forecasting Module
For optimising forecasts with powerful time series tools.

SPSS Conjoint Module
For identifying consumer preferences, optimising products and effective pricing.

SPSS Neural Networks Module
For discovering additional patterns within the data and building predictive models for informed decision making.

SPSS Complex Samples Module
For analysing statistical data and interpreting survey results from complex samples.

SPSS Advanced Statistics Module
Add-on module for the analysis of complex correlations with high-end modelling tools, including generalised, linear, mixed models or Cox regression analysis.

SPSS Regression Module
For better predictions using powerful, non-linear regression methods.

SPSS Missing Values Module
For statistical algorithms to more easily detect missing patterns and impute missing data.

SPSS Decision Trees Module
For creating classification and decision trees.

SPSS Bootstrapping Module
For testing model stability using bootstrapping.

SPSS Exact Tests Module
For statistical tests with small sample sizes or low cell population in single categories.

SPSS Direct Marketing Module
Add-on module designed to improve the results of direct marketing campaigns by identifying demographic, purchasing and other characteristics that define different groups of customers, and by focusing on specific groups to maximise positive response rates, provides.

SPSS Amos (standalone client)
IBM SPSS Amos lets you use structural equation modelling to test hypotheses about complex variable relationships and gain new insights.

Subscriptions are bundled module packages that are cheaper than traditional licences.

SPSS Statistics Abonnement Basis
Subscription Basis Bundle aus den Modulen: SPSS Statistics Base (Grundmodul), SPSS Data Preparation, SPSS Bootstrapping. 

SPSS Statistics Subscription Complex Sampling & Testing
Subscription Add-On Bundle aus den Modulen: SPSS Missing Values, SPSS Categories, SPSS Complex Samples, SPSS Conjoint Analysis, SPSS Exact Tests. Benötigt SPSS Subscription Base Edition.

SPSS Statistics Abonnement Benutzerdefinierte Tabellen & Erweiterte Statistik
Subscription Add-On Bundle aus den Modulen: SPSS Advanced Statistics, SPSS Regression, SPSS Custom Tables. Benötigt SPSS Subscription Base Edition.

SPSS Statistics Subscription Vorhersage & Entscheidungsbäume Statistik
Subscription Add-On Bundle aus den Modulen: SPSS Forecasting, SPSS Decision Trees, SPSS Direct Marketing, SPSS Neural Networks. Benötigt SPSS Subscription Base Edition.

Comparison of SPSS Statistics ") and Subscription

Windows und Mac Client
Verfügbare Editionen
SPSS Statistics Subscription
automatisch (bei aktiver Internetverbindung)
kleinere Unternehmen, Selbstständige
monatliche Mietlizenz (Subscription)
Authorized User
flexibel einsetzbar (mehrfach Installation)
1 Base Editionen und 3 optionale Add-Ons
SPSS Statistics 28
manueller Download
größere Unternehmen, Universitäten
Kauflizenz oder Jahres-Mietlizenz
Authorized und Conurrent User
hardwaregebunden (1 Installation)
4 Editionen und 14 Module

Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

For some time, Data Science has been considered the supreme discipline in the recognition of valuable information in large amounts of data. It promises to extract hidden, valuable information from data of any structure.

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