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What is IBM Watson Discovery?

AI-driven search of enterprise data.

With Watson Discovery, company data is searched using modern AI to extract information. On the one hand, the AI uses already trained methods to understand texts. On the other hand, it is constantly being developed through new training on the company data, its structure and content, thus constantly improving the search results.

Why should IBM Watson Discovery be used?

Extracting knowledge from enterprise information silos.

An incredible amount of information is hidden in corporate data silos – information and knowledge that can be used for search, analysis and to support operational processes. Watson Discovery makes large amounts of data searchable in a short time and recognizes the structure and content of documents. By optionally embedding IBM Watson Discovery in Watson Knowledge Studio defined and learned models based on enterprise knowledge domains, Watson Discovery becomes a subject matter expert and can answer queries in an even more targeted manner.

Watson Discovery can serve as a backend for chat bots to provide automated information or can serve as an analysis interface to show correlations in texts or give hints on outliers.

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  • Definition of the use case

    Our procedure is determined by the approach of first identifying the concrete use cases and challenges  technical and functional  with different workshops. Afterwards, the procedure and the selection of solution components are defined. 

  • Identifying the effort

    In the spirit of an agile project approach, it has proven useful to first create an "MVP" (Minimum Viable Product), which can be used to determine not only the technical feasibility, but also the technical effort required.

  • Know-how and expertise

    We support our customers through broad know-how, intensive partnership with manufacturers and project experience.

Benefit from IBM Watson Discovery:

Dissolve silos

Information sources become searchable and search results show hits across sources.

Expertise at the touch of a button

Users or processes receive answers to various questions 24 x 7 in a short time – whether as the backend of a chat bot, in text analysis or embedded in corporate processes.

Recognition of correlations

The search goes far beyond the familiar keyword search – finds are viewed in context, based on expertise and new insights are generated.

Test the solution in our demo platform

By providing our comprehensive demo and customer data platform, we offer customers the opportunity to get a very quick and pragmatic impression of the AI solution IBM Cloud Pak for Data. IBM Watson Discovery is also available for testing.

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