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What is Was ist IBM Watson Studio?

Solution for implementing a data science landscape.

IBM Watson Studio is an integrated solution for implementing a data science landscape. It helps companies structure and simplify the process from exploratory analysis to the implementation and operationalisation of the analysis processes. In doing so, it helps to accelerate data exploration and the creation and training of models, as well as to scale data science workflows throughout the entire lifecycle. 

Why use IBM Watson Studio?

Make predictions and create visualisations.

With IBM Watson Studio, organisations can leverage data assets, integrate predictions into business processes and optimise business value with visual data science and decision optimisation. The solution is suitable for hybrid multi-cloud environments and is available in public clouds, private clouds, on-premises environments and on the desktop.

We are here for you.

Know-how. Expertise. Installation. Operation.

Our Data Scientists are experienced in using the leading languages "R" and Python. In Watson Studio, they collaboratively develop their notebooks, store data assets and catalogue the objects, which are then shared across the company and bring benefits.

This is where we use IBM Watson Studio:

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