Interactive online portal identifies suitable employees

TIMETOACT digitizes several test procedures for KI.TEST to determine professional intelligence and personality

Competent employees are probably one of the most important resources of a company. With its intelligent test procedures, KI.TEST therefore wants to ensure that its customers - including organizations in the public sector - choose the right talent during the application process. TIMETOACT supported the service provider with the digitalization of its test procedures as well as the development of an online portal for the management of results and participants. Our experts will continue to be available to KI.TEST as part of a managed service and will further develop the portal.

Initial situation:
  • Test procedures from KI.TEST were either not available in digital form or the digital version did not meet the company's growing requirements
  • Digitization of the KI.JOBIQ and KI.8 test procedures 
  • Individual development of the KI.PORTAL for the management of participants and results
Added value:
  • Location-independent answering of test questions by participants
  • Automatic evaluation of the results
  • Independent processing of the test procedures by KI.TEST employees
  • Simple participant management

Wrong decisions when hiring personnel have potentially far-reaching consequences: Whether it's because the new employees don't perform tasks quickly or well enough, don't fit into the respective team, or change companies again after only a short time. On the other hand, colleagues with the right fit can decisively advance their employer. KI.TEST offers companies intelligent test procedures that make it easier for them to identify new talents. In addition, the tests help existing employees to reflect on their own weaknesses and strengths. KI.TEST commissioned TIMETOACT to digitize two tests from its repertoire and to create the possibility to manage participants and test results easily and quickly.

The focus was on the tests:


A detailed test procedure that specifically determines the professional intelligence of employees or applicants. In addition to questions that focus, for example, on linguistic logic and accuracy, analytical competence or mathematical reasoning, the test also includes general knowledge questions about the respective field. The KI.JOBIQ was already available online at the beginning of the project and was to be raised to a higher technical level with TIMETOACT.


Core requirements

The goal was to convert the tests into a digital form - stable and with an appealing design - so that participants could work on them regardless of their location. KI.TEST customers should be able to view and export test results themselves. For both instruments, it was important that KI.TEST employees could work with the digital solution largely independently.

Standard software in combination with in-house development for an optimal result

With the KI.PORTAL, participants and test results can be managed.

A multi-tiered system was required to implement the core requirements. Only in this way could our experts enable KI.TEST to maintain the test procedures itself on the one hand and enable end customers to view the test results on the other.

KI.TEST employees can adapt questions of the KI.JOBIQ themselves.

Our experts implemented an online survey tool for conducting the tests and also developed the online portal KI.PORTAL for additional, special requirements. KI.TEST has extensive possibilities to create projects, to manage and monitor test participants and to view and download test results. The online portal is available to KI.TEST customers in a limited version.

The digitization of the test procedures and the location-independent processing of tests companies gain one thing above all: time. In times of a shortage of skilled workers, potential potential employees tend to drop out if the application the application process takes too long. In view of this, it is hard to imagine to invite applicants to the office, sometimes from from a great distance to answer a thick to answer a thick stack of questions. It is much it is much better for companies to get an early on to get an impression of the key skills and suitable personal strengths of their applicants digitally.

Dr. André FindeisenMember of the Executive Board KI.TEST GmbH

Numerous advantages through digital testing

Location independent editing

Employees or applicants can answer the test questions from any regardless of their location.

Automated evaluation

The results are automatically generated on the basis of algorithms designed by KI.TEST and output automatically.

Clear results

After completion of the test, the results are displayed in a in a structured way.

Convenient participant management

In the KI.PORTAL, the participants can be managed and invited invite them with one click. KI.TEST as well as the customers of the service provider have the possibility to see whether (potential) employees employees have already completed the tests or not.

GDPR compliance

During the development of the KI.PORTAL, TIMETOACT took into consideration guidelines of the DSGVO. For example, personal data of the anonymized after a certain period of time. anonymized.

In addition, TIMETOACT implemented further test-specific requirements:


  • Independent maintenance of the test

    The KI.JOBIQ intelligence test used to be a self-contained questionnaire with little room for individual customization. After digitization, KI.TEST is now free to arrange, add or delete questions as desired.

  • Accessibility

    The questions of the KI.JOBIQ have successfully undergone a BITV (Barrier-free Information Technology Ordinance) 2.0. test, are therefore barrier-free and can also be answered, for example, by people with impaired vision or hearing. KI.TEST is one of the first service providers on the German market to offer tests with a corresponding certification.


  • Mobile editing

    The KI.8 personality test can be processed on both desktop and mobile devices.

  • Automatic PDF generation

    TIMETOACT developed an application that generates a comprehensive PDF from the results and sends it by e-mail.

  • Additional monitoring

    In addition to the mere evaluation of the tests, the KI.PORTAL offers more detailed information on the behavior of the participants. This includes, for example, the completion time of the entire test or individual questions.

KI.TEST and TIMETOACT continue to work closely together

The KI.8 helps to better assess the personality of (potential) employees. better.

All of KI.TEST's requirements regarding the digitalization of its test procedures were successfully implemented. TIMETOACT will continue to support the company in the future as part of a managed service. Thus, it is planned to include further test procedures of KI.TEST in the KI. PORTAL.

In the future, end customers will also be given even more autonomy and be able to process tests without the support of KI.TEST. Already during the project, our experts offered support around the KI.PORTAL - a service that KI.TEST continues to use. TIMETOACT also continues to host the online portal.

I find the collaboration with TIMETOACT very cooperative and pleasant. Above all, we benefit from the company's large network. For example, TIMETOACT offers a large pool of employees with different know-how, in which even with very specific questions there is guaranteed to be a person who can provide an answer.

Dr. André FindeisenMember of the Executive BoardKI.TEST GmbH


We, KI.TEST GmbH, were founded in 2015 as a spin-off of the Cologne Institute for Management Consulting. We are your specialist for digital assessments. Our online tests can be used for the selection of new talents, further development of employees and executives or career changes. In addition to standardized online tests, we also offer our customers individual solutions that can be used company-specifically. With scientific expertise and the integration of psychometrics, we ensure that you make the right decision with our instruments. Standard software combined with in-house development for optimal results.


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