License Optimization

    No more parallel and unstructured use of the Atlassian Toolchain thanks to our License Optimization.

    Often, when the use of Atlassian Toolchain in companies becomes more frequent, this increase is parallel and unstructured. This results in challenges: 

    • Creation of a shadow IT 
    • Additional costs due to double licenses, as one user can access multiple instances 
    • Evaluation of a central use of data center or Cloud is not possible 
    • Different instances as server, data center or Cloud instance are often not connected via a Single Sign On solution (link to the Single Sign On page) 
    • The total demand of the Atlassian portfolio is not apparent to you 

    Through our licensing consulting services, we help you to determine the actual need and to perform a RightSizing in coordination with you. 

    Typical Growing Pains

    The more Atlassian is used, the more important it becomes to take stock of the current situation and to take a coordinated approach.

    Schaubild Jira Page

    Solution strategies

    Depending on the extent to which Atlassian products are used and your strategy, different solutions may be right for you:

    Instance consolidation
    Enterprise Cloud
    Enterprise License Agreement (ELA)

    Procedure model

    Our best practice approach – this is how we support you best possible in optimizing your licenses

    Objective: Identify individual Growing Pains and present, evaluate and implement solutions according to the TTA process model.

    1. License verification
    2. Due Diligence Growing Pains
    3. Inventory for each instance
    4. Consolidation analysis of Atlassian applications
    5. Conception (working out solutions for the individual paints)
    6. Creation of the transition concept (implementation of the developed solution approaches, how, when)
    7. Derivation of an operational concept (planning of the operation after the introduction of the solution)

    Our service for License Optimization:

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