Daily managed service support guarantees stability of central platform for 250,000 customers

TIMETOACT ensures smooth operation of the central platform

A user-friendly and trouble-free online portal is the linchpin for customers of energy suppliers and the basis for corporate success. To ensure the quality, availability and performance of the platform at all times, TIMETOACT has been supporting N-ERGIE as a Managed Service Partner for a year. In this way, the platform can cope with high workloads and is always up to date with the latest security standards.

Initial Situation:
  • 60,000 corporate customers and a total of 250,000 people access online portal
  • Use of IBM WebSphere Application Server and HCL Portal for platform operation
  • Performance problems and high workloads lead to disruptions and outages
  • Managed Service Support by TIMETOACT for smooth operation of the platform in technical and economic terms
Added value:
  • Faults and problems are resolved within the shortest possible time
  • Performance of the platform is significantly above the required service level agreement
  • Coverage of peak loads and implementation of security updates

The platform is managed by TIMETOACT experts as if it were their own. They think along with you and question. The interpersonal aspects are also just right.

Wolfgang SchützGroup Manager Portals and Platforms N-ERGIE

High workloads and performance problems - a professional is needed!

Updating meter readings, adjusting billing amounts or downloading invoices - this is very easy for private customers of energy suppliers to do online. But it's not just B2C customers who benefit from such platforms; companies also use them to collaborate with energy suppliers.

At N-ERGIE Aktiengesellschaft, a regional energy supplier headquartered in Nuremberg, 60,000 corporate customers and a total of 250,000 people currently access this online portal - reason enough for it to function smoothly and withstand high workloads. To operate the platform, N-ERGIE uses a combination of IBM WebSphere Application Server and HCL Portal. Failures and problems of these products would not only lead to a tarnished image, but above all to a significantly higher load on the call center.

  • Core requirement: As part of a managed service support, it was necessary to ensure smooth operation of the platform. This requires optimum support for the software used - both in technical and economic terms.

Managed Service Support guarantees smooth operation

Since N-ERGIE did not have its own resources to support the online portal internally, a Europe-wide tender was issued for the project. In the end, the best offer was convincing and TIMETOACT was commissioned with a managed service support.

We currently have a special situation in the energy industry. It is therefore important that we can guarantee the stability and security of the platform at all times. To do this, we needed a professional.

Wolfgang SchützGroup Manager Portals and Platforms N-ERGIE

Since July 2022, TIMETOACT has been supporting N-ERGIE as a managed service partner and is responsible for the technical maintenance and stability of the platform. The key points of the managed service are:

  • Ensuring the stability of the platform in the face of increasing numbers of users and high system loads
  • Implementation of security updates and ensuring compliance
  • Optimization of the customer monitoring system
  • Architecture and conception workshops for further expansion or modernization and optimization of the platform
  • Regular system reviews
  • Change management for changes and deployments in the infrastructure
  • Ensuring up-to-dateness (compliance with legal requirements)
  • Support of HCL Connections for optimal internal collaboration

Most of the time, the team around Stefan Reusing answers within five minutes. With its extensive know-how, TIMETOACT is the perfect partner for us.

Wolfgang SchützGroup Manager Portals and PlatformsN-ERGIE

TIMETOACT provides Jira Service Management for reporting problems and processing service requests. In this way, the experts ensure a fast and smooth exchange. A corresponding incident management system defines response and resolution times in the event of incidents and thus enables structured collaboration between TIMETOACT and N-ERGIE according to priorities.

Even on weekends, TIMETOACT's experts are available and ensure a failure-free performance of the platform even in extreme cases. This is the case, for example, at the turn of the year, when all customers update their meter readings or when there are price adjustments due to legal regulations.

Platform performance exceeds expectations

The cooperation with N-ERGIE is top, we work together on a basis of absolute trust.

Stefan ReusingTeam Leader Data Solutions TIMETOACT

The performance of the portal platform is significantly above the required service level agreement due to the managed service of TIMETOACT Expert:innen - according to the service report of the last months even 100%. Unforeseen load peaks can be covered and security updates can be installed in the required very short time intervals.

TIMETOACT supports the utility as a Managed Service Partner until July 2025 with an optional extension. But not only TIMETOACT is currently working with the energy provider, but also other subsidiaries and departments from the TIMETOACT GROUP, such as Software Asset Management, Atlassian Consulting or Performance Strategy.

N-ERGIE Aktiengesellschaft, Nuremberg, is one of the largest municipal energy suppliers in Germany. It supplies large parts of central Franconia and neighboring areas with electricity and natural gas, as well as the city of Nuremberg with water and district heating. N-ERGIE is committed to the common good and advocates a regional energy turnaround.

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