Mix of IASP and ILMT support

TIMETOACT ensures optimal license management

Ensuring correct licensing, changing license metrics and deep technical license know-how makes the topic of license management difficult for companies. To minimize financial risk and staff time, UTA is turning to TIMETOACT's proactive administration of its license inventory (IASP). In this way, not only will IBM license audits be avoided in the future, but TIMETOACT will also ensure compliance-compliant use of the ILMT as part of license management.

TIMETOACT takes over the complete Software Asset Management

To verify the correct use of the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT), IBM conducts software license audits at regular intervals. Since the implementation of the ILMT in 2016 by TIMETOACT, UTA has already undergone two of these audits with the result of high follow-ups. 

The topic of software license management is a complex matter that takes up a lot of time and know-how. In order to avoid future costs after an IBM audit, TIMETOACT has taken over the complete Software Asset Management (SAM) from UTA.

Core requirement:

The core requirements were primarily to minimize both the financial and licensing risk as well as the staff time required at UTA.

Reliability, know-how and speed in providing solutions brought the project to a successful conclusion.

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Mix of IASP and ILMT support for optimal license management

In order to optimally serve the requirements of UTA, TIMETOACT relies on the advantages of IASP for this purpose. The use of IASP (IBM Authorized Software Asset Management Provider Option) enables a proactive management of the software inventory. TIMETOACT has been a cooperation partner of Anglepoint (IBM authorized ISAP partner) for years and can therefore support customers with IASP. 

For UTA, IASP offers one major advantage: audit exemption for the duration of the IASP. During this time, UTA only has to send monthly documentation of the data from the ILMT to IBM. With these monthly updates, UTA knows the current license status at all times and can thus react proactively to changes. 

TIMETOACT takes over the managed service in the area of license management as well as the contractual and commercial optimization of the software products. The ILMT, which is used within the scope of IASP's SubCapacity licensing, is also managed by TIMETOACT's licensing experts. The effort at UTA is limited only to the upload of the data reports.

Customer Profile:

UTA is a pan-European fuel card and service card specialist for the commercial transport of goods and passengers. For over 55 years, UTA has been providing commercial customers with cashless processing of cross-brand vehicle-related services and products.