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Maximum efficiency in onboarding thanks to Jira ticket system
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Introducing new employees to the company is faster, easier and more efficient with an efficient ticket system, for example in Jira. With the help of a Kanban board, the individual departments document the status of the tasks at hand – the system also processes individual steps automatically and sends reminders to the people concerned at set intervals. Learn more in our success story. 

Key Facts:

  • Clear representation of the tasks as a ticket system
  • Filter option according to department and employee
  • Fast status change via drag & drop
  • Definition of dependencies between tasks
  • Automatic creation of employee accounts
  • Traceability of processing
  • Sending of reminder emails & more


When a new employee starts at a company, the onboarding process can be time-consuming, but it is essential to ensure a smooth and pleasant start: Human Resources, Infrastructure and other departments have to work hand in hand to introduce the new colleague to internal processes, provide necessary hardware and accounts, take photos for the website and much more. The checklist is long and means a great deal of organizational effort for the HR department, which has to coordinate the individual steps and check the status with the people involved. Individual tasks that could actually be automated are often still laboriously processed by hand. 


Everything in view – the onboarding process as ticket system

To meet this challenge, we created our own ticket system in Jira with several Kanban boards. Human Resources only has to create a new project – then all relevant tasks are automatically created and assigned to the respective departments. In the menu, the tasks are filtered by department. Those responsible, for example from HR, IT or data protection, can clearly display the outstanding tasks for each new employee. Using drag & drop, these can be easily dragged from "To Do" to "In Progress" and "Done", as is familiar from Kanban.

The tasks are displayed in the Kanban board and can be moved by drag & drop.
The tasks are displayed in the Kanban board and can be moved by drag & drop.

One thing at a time – dependencies between tasks

Some tasks can only be done after another task has been completed: For example, the receptionist is only able to create an employee badge after a badge photo has been taken. We have mapped such dependencies between the various tasks with corresponding workflows: Subsequent tasks are only created once all the necessary information is available or the preceding tasks have been completed. Some tasks, such as the creation of various accounts, are completely automated.

Don't forget anything – Reminders for upcoming tasks

By clicking on the task, the corresponding responsibilities are displayed.

As a reminder, the responsible colleagues automatically receive e-mail reminders about tasks that have not yet been completed. Thanks to the ticket history in Jira, it is also possible to track exactly who has worked on which task. 

Additional Value

The benefits of the solution are obvious: A Jira ticket system supports the various departments in maintaining an overview when onboarding employees. Human Resources no longer has to continuously query the responsible departments for the current status – the solution does that all by itself. Some tasks, such as creating different accounts, are completely automated. In short, our solution helps to significantly increase efficiency in onboarding and gives the new employee a great start in the new company.

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Jira is not just a solution for a single scenario, but a specialist for the transparent tracking and control of activities that can accompany the entire lifecycle of a project or product. From the idea collection phase to conception and implementation incl. deployment to error management and support, Jira can be used in every phase of a company's value chain. 

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