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Demand Management – Clarity on IT needs

We help to determine your effective IT needs, e.g. for workstations with Microsoft Office 365. Save money by only buying what you really need.Get in touch with us

New hardware and software is regularly offered and service providers adapt their services to the changing technical possibilities. This dynamic also entails risks.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies and public authorities to keep track of all possible options. At the same time, there is a need to identify the needs of the organisation and match them with the offerings in the market. Without the involvement of experts, mistakes are in fact pre-programmed.

What is Demand Management?

Schnittmengen von benötigter Software, lizenzierter Software und eingesetzter Software

Avoid licence gaps and surplus licences with Demand Management

With our support in demand planning, initially reported requirements are scrutinised and evaluated. Only the required hardware and software is procured and the necessary IT services are commissioned. Later, the quality of the demand planning is checked on the basis of the use of the hardware, software and IT services and optimised if necessary.

We focus on these customer questions:
  • How can the effective IT needs be determined?
  • Which procedures are suitable for a reliable determination of future IT needs?
  • How can the IT needs be reconciled with the existing supply contracts / service contracts?
  • What contract adjustments would be necessary to reflect changing IT needs as flexibly as possible?
  • Which hardware, software and IT services are actually used and which licences and subscriptions are required for this?

We help you to determine the specific and optimal need for IT

Our experts have many years of experience in identifying and assessing IT needs in SMEs, public authorities, family businesses and international corporations. The focus is on realising cost savings while reducing complexity for our clients.

Needs assessment & planning support

As part of a managed service, we support customers in the correct and complete determination of IT requirements, e.g. requirements for Office 365.

Needs assessment

We check reported needs and change requests for completeness and comprehensibility and compare them with existing service catalogues.

Benefit from Demand Management:

Transparency gain

With our methods, we are able to sustainably improve the effectiveness and efficiency in determining IT needs in an organisation. For example, where appropriate, we can use market-leading tools (including AI) to regularly measure the use of hardware, software and cloud services, identify unused assets and forecast future changes in usage.

Cost saving

Often people pay for hardware and software that is either not needed at all or not needed to the extent that licences or devices / instances are currently held. On the other hand, there is not enough money elsewhere to purchase the hardware and software that is really needed. We help to avoid unnecessary IT costs with a correct and efficient needs assessment.

Our approach

With these steps we support you in determining your concrete IT needs:

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