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IT Sourcing & Vendor Management – Managing IT Partners optimally

We ensure the application of best practice methods for the selection and evaluation of IT vendors and service providers and for cost-optimized supplier management.Get in touch with us

What does IT Sourcing and Vendor Management mean?

We answer your questions:
  • How can I optimize my procurement strategy?
  • How can I optimize the purchasing portfolio?
  • How can I optimize my IT supplier costs / IT purchasing volume?
  • How can I recognize a suitable supplier?
  • How should suppliers be managed?
  • How can I evaluate my suppliers, including the quality of their services and products?
  • Are there optimal key performance indicators (KPI) in IT procurement / IT sourcing?
  • Which approaches are suitable to optimize IT contract management?

Procurement strategy

The procurement strategy defines the basis for which products are purchased from which suppliers at which conditions. A basic distinction is made between single sourcing, dual sourcing, multiple sourcing and global sourcing.

Supplier selection

With the help of structured supplier selection, the right suppliers, products and services can be selected for an organization.

Supplier evaluation

Best practice key performance indicators (KPIs) are used in the initial selection and regular review of suppliers to evaluate products and services and thus continuously monitor and improve the supplier relationship.

IT supplier and contract management

When commissioning suppliers and concluding contracts, a company or an authority obtains rights, but usually also enters into obligations. With the help of IT supplier and contract management, an organization gains transparency about the relationship with the supplier, the existing contracts and the associated rights and obligations.

We accompany you in the implementation of your IT Sourcing & Vendor Management projects

Our experts have many years of experience in the implementation of complex IT sourcing projects in organizations of various sizes, from medium-sized companies to international corporations. Every project is a reference project for us.

Disciplines of IT Sourcing

We see Business Service Management (BSM) and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) as sub-disciplines of IT sourcing and vendor management. We take these into account when implementing your projects.

Business Service Management (BSM)

Business Service Management (BSM) combines process management with IT Service Management (ITSM). It shows the mutual dependencies and effects on each other, so that the effects of disruptions and problems are quickly visible. BSM offers the great advantage that it is possible to measure the performance of business processes and thus define service level agreements at the business process level. This enables better automation, management and control.

With BSM, there is not only better coordination between ITSM and process management, but consequently also optimal support of business processes by IT. 

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) encompasses the strategic planning and central control of a company's relationships with its suppliers. It is a central subarea of IT sourcing and vendor management, as it aims to establish close links between all suppliers and the company. It also aims to support purchasing throughout the execution of procurement processes.

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