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IT Asset Management – Reducing Costs and Risks Sustainably

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Keep track of your IT assets

The IT landscape is constantly changing. On the one hand, there is a regular need for new IT solutions, and on the other hand, IT that has already been acquired must be checked for its economic use and, if not needed, it must be decommissioned. A functioning IT asset management helps to keep track of all IT assets and to save costs directly by minimizing risks.

Risk minimization

A fully comprehensive and well-implemented IT asset management program can help minimize various risks. Licensing risks can be detected and eliminated e.g., by removing improperly licensed software. Cybersecurity risks can also be mitigated e.g., by controlling the use of approved hardware and software configurations.

Cost savings

IT asset management can help avoid unnecessary IT costs. Often, people pay for hardware and software that is either not needed at all or not needed to the extent that licenses or devices / instances are currently kept. On the other hand, money is lacking elsewhere to procure the hardware and software that is really needed.

We support you in the introduction of a professional IT asset management.

Our experts have several years of experience in the implementation of complex IT asset management projects in SMEs, government organizations, family businesses and corporations. The satisfaction of our customers is our absolute focus in every project.


We work with you to develop a project plan based on your requirements and the future setup of your IT Asset Management.


We support the implementation of the project plan and thus the IT Asset Management individually for your requirements.

Managed Service

Within the scope of Managed Service, we continue to support you with our expertise after implementation. The scope is adapted and depending on your requirements.

Our SAM Managed Service

License compliance is a challenge for many companies. With our SAM Managed Service, we regularly create resilient license balances. 

Graphic about our Software Asset Management (SAM)

Our SAM Managed Service is a complete package for software asset management. In addition to the regular preparation of reliable license balances for various manufacturers, we are available to you at any time as a competent contact for all licensing issues.

  • We support you throughout the entire IT asset lifecycle, starting with the need for new software, for example, and continuing through monitoring to decommissioning and scrapping.

In the graphic on the left you can see the components of the complete SAM Managed Service. You can book a complete package or just individual components and expand them as you wish. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Building blocks of our SAM service package

License risk assessment

Licensing gaps can represent a significant financial risk. We evaluate and quantify this risk.

ITAM program and roadmap design

Without a clear ITAM program and a pragmatic approach to its implementation, the benefits of ITAM cannot be realized. We deliver both.

License Audit Support

Software vendors regularly conduct license audits. In case of an audit, we stand in front of our customers and defend their interests.

License Audit Readiness Check

Are you ready for a license audit? From communication with the auditor to necessary documentation, we make you ready.

License Helpdesk

Which rules apply to a specific license? Our experts have the right answer for many manufacturers such as IBM, SAP, Oracle and Microsoft.

IT Asset Discovery and Inventory

No license risk assessment without trustworthy data on IT assets. With our tool partners we support the collection of all relevant data.

IT Asset Utilization / Metering

Identifying underutilized or unutilized IT assets allows you to derive cost-saving potential. We support you with the necessary tools.

ILMT Monitoring

IBM subcapacity licenses need to be tracked with ILMT. Our managed service ranges from ILMT installation to monitoring.

Validation of license and maintenance contracts

Which licenses were acquired through which contracts and is maintenance paid for? We help with the analysis and point out license and cost risks.

What is IT Asset Management?

IT Asset Management deals with the proactive management of IT assets. According to ISO/IEC 19770-1, IT assets include not only classic software products (e.g. a software license for Office), but also hardware (e.g. laptops for employees) as well as IT contracts. IT asset management is primarily concerned with the lifecycle - planning, procurement, deployment (install, move, add, change), monitoring and decommissioning - of IT assets to ensure, for example, that only correctly licensed software is used or that old equipment is regularly retired.

IT Asset Management Graphic

Procure only the hardware and software you really need

IT Asset Management ensures that demands are questioned and evaluated, that only the hardware and software needed is procured. Later, based on the use of the hardware and software, the quality of demand planning is controlled and optimized if necessary.

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