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Today, projects are regarded as a key driver for shaping change processes in the company. Within the framework of project management, it is therefore necessary to align projects even more closely with corporate goals and strategies. This makes the already complex task of project management even more demanding. To this end, defining standards has become an important issue in order to make processes more efficient, to enable an optimal exchange of experience and to ensure continuous improvement in management. But how exactly does this work? And what tools help?

With defined standard templates, you can easily optimize your project management and use BigPicture to keep track of the status of your project, dependencies between tasks, and the planning and workload of your team.

Here's how:

Set project standards

Use our Project Management Office solution to create a project on your own. You define all the important content for your project and automatically create an area during creation in which important project information is recorded. Use defined task templates when creating a project to ensure the greatest possible degree of standardization in project management.

Document all the important content of your project

In Confluence, predefined pages are now created by you. You can create different templates as default for this. This way, depending on the project type, you can automatically generate different contents such as status reports, phase plan, risk register, issue register and a project management documentation with the project creation.

Enter risks directly in a risk matrix and define measures

Use BigPicture's risk matrix to enter all known risks or opportunities. As soon as you make an entry, all important information is requested with a form and a risk observer and a risk editor are specified. The risk is automatically stored in your project and in the risk register in Confluence with a new risk ID.

You can then define measures in the risk or opportunity ticket that are automatically triggered when the event occurs. As soon as the event is triggered, the measures are automatically started. If one of the defined measures takes effect, the risk or opportunity is set to the status "Review". If the situation has actually been mastered, the successful measure is marked accordingly in the risk register.

All projects at a glance

BigPicture allows you to keep track of all your projects. The projects are displayed in Gant charts. You can easily define dependencies between projects and tasks using drag and drop. In a work breakdown structure (WBS) view, you can see the degree of completion of tasks as well as their schedule and weighting in the project.

Resource management

BigPicture also gives you the ability to plan and keep track of your human resources. You can not only see the resource planning of individual persons, but also in which projects they are working. You can also use the resource overview on team level or on the basis of individual defined skills (for example, programmer, service technician, consultant, etc.) of your employees.

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