Tempo Customizing and Integration

Adapt Tempo for Jira to your needs and integrate your Atlassian time recording into the ERP landscape, such as SAP or HCL Domino, seamlessly.
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Optimize your speed time tracking with the right customizing

Time recording is important and is often perceived as a rather annoying topic. With the right customizing of Tempo for Jira, time tracking is simplified. Increased user acceptance improves employee satisfaction and at the same time optimizes time recording data for evaluation. To achieve this goal, the right adjustments must be made. 

We support you with:

  • Recording your requirements
  • Creation of a concept for implementation with speed for Jira
  • Configuration and implementation of the Tempo configuration
  • Connection of third party systems

Customizing of Tempo time recording

See how Tempo for Jira and our in-house development for time recording can be used to process live information from an SAP system.

Integration of Tempo into ERP systems

Solution that enables reconciliation with HCL Domino and SAP

Time recording with Tempo is easy and has high user acceptance. However, the recording of times is usually not sufficient. For example ... 

  • a billing to a customer is to be made 
  • the downstream ERP system needs the information for controlling, reporting or commercial income statements 
  • working time accounts must be reconciled 
  • the data from controlling purposes should be further evaluated and transferred to a Business Intelligence system 

To do this, changes in speed usage must be detected and processed. We have created a solution for this purpose that already allows for reconciliation with HCL Domino and SAP. 

Building our solution:

  • Configuration of Tempo 
    There are many adjustments to the Tempo permissions and the configuration of the actual workflow entry mask. This has to be set up according to requirements.
  • Extension of Tempo 
    Since Tempo's data entry masks are not fully customizable by default, we have developed a Jira plugin that implements additional business logic based on project properties and the current user. 
  • Use of further plugins 
    Custom Project Properties is used to provide Jira projects with additional information. This information is then evaluated by our self-developed Jira Plugin. Thus we are able to influence the capture and writing in backend systems. 
Aufbau der Tempo Customizing und Integration Lösung

Use Case 1a: Capture of worklogs of a Jira user 

Use Case 1b: Comparison of ETO order with the accounts in Tempo: Before the times can be saved, a live check is made against the ETO order to see if the booking is still possible. Only if this check was successful, the time is recorded in Tempo.  

Use Case 2: Recording of worklogs of a Jira user 

Automated creation of Jira projects

To ensure a consistent way of working, it is essential that Jira projects are created according to the same pattern and templates. However, the right to create a Jira project involves so many rights that users need a lot of know-how.

Result: Only a few people are allowed to create projects and the creation of Jira projects takes a long time.

Solution: Use Jira or Jira Service Desk to create Jira projects automatically. A workflow can support the approval process. By using an asset management tool like Insight, the approval can also be dynamically recognized for each user.

Advantage: Each user can create new projects within a defined scope and receives this project immediately without the help of the usually few Jira administrators.

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