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IT company expands portfolio to include open source license management and services around OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230
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28/03/2022. TIMETOACT becomes an official partner of OpenChain, a project of the Linux Foundation: With this partnership, the IT company from Cologne, Germany, qualifies to advise companies on the implementation of open source license management programs and to support customers adopting OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230.    

Open source software, just like proprietary software, is used based on various license conditions. It is important to adhere to these conditions to ensure smooth business operations and to avoid concerns or conflicts with third parties. OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230 is an International Standard focused on identifying the key requirements of a quality open source license compliance program, and allows companies that adopt it through self-certification, independent assessment or third-party certification to substantially reduce their potential exposure to issues. 

Open source has long been more than just a trend in the IT landscape – more and more software are build on open source libraries, frameworks, etc. We are very pleased to be working with OpenChain. The partnership offers our customers tangible added value and will help them to adopt OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230 in the future.

Simon Pletschacher Manager IT Performance StrategyTIMETOACT

OpenChain helps companies of all sizes and across all markets to get more effective license programs in place. We are pleased to welcome TIMETOACT as another consultancy partner in our project and to collaborate on making sure more companies have easy access to the key requirements of quality open source compliance programs.

Shane Coughlan General Manager OpenChain


TIMETOACT Software & Consulting GmbH is a 'trusted advisor' for its customers. With an unrestricted customer focus and a high level of analytical and technical expertise, it implements future-proof solutions for the upper midmarket, insurance companies and public authorities. The range of services includes Cloud Transformation Consulting, Digital Workplace, Custom Applications, BI & Data Science, Enterprise Content Management, Identity & Access Management, Managed Services and Managed Support as well as Software License Consulting & Sales.

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About OpenChain

The OpenChain Project maintains the International Standard for open-source license compliance. This allows companies of all sizes and in all sectors to adopt the key requirements of a quality open source compliance program. This is an open standard and all parties are welcome to engage with our community, to share their knowledge, and to contribute to the future of our standard.

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About The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation is the organization of choice for the world’s top developers and companies to build ecosystems that accelerate open technology development and industry adoption. Together with the worldwide open source community, it is solving the hardest technology problems by creating the largest shared technology investment in history. Founded in 2000, The Linux Foundation today provides tools, training and events to scale any open source project, which together deliver an economic impact not achievable by any one company.

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