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We are at your side as a Mendix training partner!

Low-code is considered a trend-setting technology to meet the high global demand for new digital applications. With low-code, it is not only possible to deploy applications in a short time, but also to meet high standards of quality and security at the same time.

  • We are convinced of Mendix's no-code/low-code platforms and are therefore not only a Mendix partner, but also a Mendix training partner.

Benefit from the Mendix Academy:

With the help of Mendix, we increase the productivity of both developers and employees without programming knowledge (so-called "citizen developers"), who are enabled to create applications based on their respective expertise.

Each course is customized to the needs of the organization and helps developers achieve certification.

Mendix-Workshops der TIMETOACT Schulungsakademie

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Experience Workshop Hands On

Low-Code & Rapid Application Development Platform Workshop

Architectur and Deep Dive Workshop

The following courses from Mendix will follow shortly:

  • Rapid Developer Course & Rapid Developer Exam:
    This basic course teaches how to gather project requirements and build applications using Mendix Studio and Mendix Studio Pro. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to deploy apps and run them in the cloud.

  • Intermediate Developer Course & Intermediate Developer Exam:
    This developer course helps participants learn practices for collaborating in larger teams as well as expand their knowledge of the Mendix platform. In the two-day course, participants will explore topics such as data constraints, AtlasUI framework, running functions with and without login, processing datasets and list functions, and much more.

  • Advanced Developer Course & Advanced Developer Exam:
    The focus of this course is to optimize existing Mendix skills so that in the future, participants will develop apps that include all components of the Mendix platform. Participants will learn advanced modeling, best practices for domain models and design patterns, and create real-world projects with the goal of becoming an Advanced Mendix Developer.

The courses are designed to help customers build their Mendix skills and optimize adoption of the platform.


Kerstin Dosin