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What is the difference between good and excellent service? It is the willingness to do more than necessary for the customer. To achieve this, it is important to fully adapt to the customer and his or her individual requirements.

TIMETOACT develops customized applications and offers infrastructure and consulting services. Our services are based on close, trusting cooperation which results in high-quality solutions for your projects. Your satisfaction is our primary goal. Therefore we always have the ambition to exceed your expectations with our services.

Software Development with passion:


Standardize and optimize project management | Atlassian

With defined standard templates, you can easily optimize your project management and use BigPicture to keep track of the status of your project, dependencies between tasks, and the planning and workload of your team.

Digital Workplace

The Digital Workplace is a user- and role-dependent central work environment that provides your employees with all the applications, information and processes they need for the respective work steps.

TIMETOACT Atlassian Membership

The cloud year at TIMETOACT has 13 months. We give all members in our TIMETOACT Atlassian Membership one free month on their Atlassian products (only possible when purchasing an Annual Suscription license).

Application Development

Application Development refers to the process of modifying, designing and/or developing one or more applications. Gaps in the software landscape can be closed by tailoring applications individually to the customer.

Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

For some time, Data Science has been considered the supreme discipline in the recognition of valuable information in large amounts of data. It promises to extract hidden, valuable information from data of any structure.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) & Archiving

With Enterprise Content Management (ECM), all data, information and documents are stored, archived and managed in a context-related manner on a single platform. ECM systems offer numerous advantages for managing the increasing number of (un)structured electronic documents and data.

Database Technologies

Data volumes in companies are growing rapidly and must be managed. In this context, there are numerous challenges that need to be overcome.

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