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If you want to succeed in global competition, you need to know your data in the digital age. We design and construct the analytical solution perfect for your needs

"Analytics is the backbone of digitization!"

If you want to succeed in the global competition, you need to be in control of your data. In the digital age, companies are faced with major challenges. The desire for fast, reliable and agile acquisition of decision-relevant data meets a constantly growing mountain of data that needs to be handled. We have dedicated ourselves to these challenges: with decades of experience, our consultants work with you to design and construct the analytical solution that is right for you. We have a holistic, technology-neutral look at the solution in order to support you in every aspect. We are happy to be at your side.

One Keyword – many facets:

The keywords Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics are currently hot topics of debate. But they are much more than just empty words: as collective terms they summarize concrete solutions for a wide range of different use cases. In the development of customer-specific Business Intelligence systems, these technical issues are therefore the focus of attention.

Definition BI according to Gartner:

"Business Intelligence (BI) is an umbrella term that includes the applications, infrastructure and tools, and best practices that enable access to and analysis of information to improve and optimize decisions and performance." (Source: Gartner)

Where do you stand?

Are you in control of your data – reliably and efficiently –  for every department and every application?
By taking a look at your challenges, you can find impulses to strengthen analytics as a backbone. As in the following examples:

Information Technology


  • Performance
  • Costs
  • Strategies
  • Modernization
  • Tools
  • Platforms


  • Operation
  • Avoid breakdowns
  • Detect problems ahead of time
  • Root cause analyses


  • Track Tickets
  • Learn from questions and solutions
  • Self-Service

Production & Supply Chain

Visualization of operating and production data:

  • OEE Dashboard
  • Availability
  • Detection of anomalies (setup/downtime)

Predictive Maintenance / Quality:

  • Avoid failures
  • Understand causes
  • Distribute information / Best-Practice

Sales & Marketing

Improve sales opportunities:

  • Up-/Cross-Sell
  • Seamless Shopping
  • Predictive Shopping
  • Comprehensive consulting

Optimization of costs / personnel:

  • Control Sales
  • Management of marketing deployment
  • Optimize warehousing, regionalism
  • Minimization of returns

Finance & Controlling

Develop an understanding of your company's data:

  • Responsible central information office
  • Provision/Validation of information
  • Uniform, consolidated view

Digital planning process:

  • Key figures
  • Strategies

Customer Service & Support

Improve Customer Contact:

  • Routing
  • Resource Planning
  • Optimize solution speed
  • Omni-Channel Contact Center
  • Improvement NPS
  • Possible application of bots

Individual but ready-made? Our workshops have more to offer!

Everyone is unique – so are your business and the respective requirements. This must be taken into account, especially in the design and implementation of analytical solutions. At the same time we demand a lean and agile development. We solve this contradiction by the concept of standardized workshops. In these, we identify the building blocks of the solution from standard software of different providers and put them together to a solution concept, in order to start with the realization. Thanks to experienced consultants in methodology and technology and the project-related integration of the architects responsible for the solution concept, we are able to deliver the desired result in a short time with an agile approach. This is achieved through a combination of proven procedures and individual adjustments.

Implementation of individual Analytics and Big Data solutions

Projects dealing with Analytics are a team sport. Different functionalities, which build on each other, partly complementing or competing, have to be combined and realized in a way that creates an optimal solution for the customer's requirements – with special consideration of the business requirements.  

Our consultants and architects have up to 20 years of experience in their fields and have been working together for a long time. Through the combination of knowledge and standard software (despite individual solutions), we achieve agile, clear and successful projects for the benefit of our customers. It has proven to be successful that those who have significantly developed the solution design are also available in the project. Thus, our architects participate in the project as advisors or project managers.

We provide support in all aspects of Analytics:

  • Including new sources in the existing Data Integration
  • Migration of ETL tools
  • Acceleration of processes
  • Support in the selection and modelling of the suitable Data Warehouse
  • Introduction of Business Intelligence solutions
  • Provision of professional and visually appealing reports and analyses
  • Conception and support in Data Science projects, e.g. extraction of hidden information from your data to accompany your digitization
Integration & Storage (Information Management)
Governance, Platform, etc.
Analysis and Information (Business Intelligence & Data Science)
Complete project support End2End in analytics or digitization projects

Essential building blocks for the realization of analytical solutions:

Opinions of customers and partners:

The data logistics of the TIMETOACT solution is very powerful, which is crucial for us as market leader. In the past, the loading process took all night. Today it only takes a fraction of that, although the scope and complexity increased significantly.

Merz MatthiasBI Project ManagerPernod Ricard Deutschland GmbH

The TIMETOACT BI solution is able to map our dynamic market environment very well. Strategic and operational planning benefit equally from our new system.

August Storm GmbH & Co. KG

Both the standard budget report and the decentralized planning were met with great approval and enthusiasm. The decision for this software house was absolutely right.

Algner RobertHolder of Central ControllingLandratsamt Bodenseekreis

The right vendor for every project

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