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Investment decision in AI projects

While technical aspects were still essential when selecting an IT solution a few years ago, today professional aspects become more important. Due to the increase in computing power with simultaneously falling prices and the possibility of booking almost any service from the cloud, technology is no longer a restrictive factor. Accordingly, the focus is not on whether something is feasible, but mainly at what price and how this relates to the possible outcome. This is particularly true in AI projects: Every day, new services are offered and use cases are advertised with added value - every company must weigh up the costs and benefits for itself.   

Cloud Pak for Data Test-Drive

Get a first impression with our demo platform

We have made it our task to provide our customers with a modern AI platform in the latest version and with the full range of functions in order to implement defined use cases pragmatically and yet representatively. The goal should be to assess the technical feasibility and - more importantly - the business benefits. Taking other criteria into account, each customer evaluates his or her investment decision individually.

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What is IBM Cloud Pak for Data and Data Science? Learn all about IBM Cloud Pak™ for Data as an integrated solution for implementing a complete analytics environment.

Benefit from the IBM Cloud Pak for Data Test-Drive:

Get an impression of the technical capabilities of an AI platform based on a realistic example with your data. Identify the insights in your data or the possibility of Intelligent Document Understanding together with our experts.

Quick entry

Simple, pragmatic entry into the world of Data Science and AI without large investments.

No data transmission

No need to transfer data to the public cloud and therefore no complicated data integration.

Fast results

Fast results thanks to a defined procedure.

Complete range of functions

Complete range of functions for all use cases and automated AI algorithms in the platform.

Features of the IBM Cloud Pak for Data Test-Drive:


All functions are accessible on the Cloud Pak for Data start page. Tiles clearly display not only the most recently used projects/catalogs/data, but also indicate open tasks.

All activities or references to data are centrally recorded in catalogs. Data connections to external sources are either centrally specified or newly defined in the project. Projects organize various use cases, assets, analyses and other objects as well as jobs that led to the result. Catalogs organize the technically available assets (if desired) centrally.


Projects group all objects that are necessary for the implementation of an anayltical use case: Data Assets represent uploaded files or connections to external sources (at the right you see a way to insert elements directly from the central catalag). In Notebooks, for example, statistical analysis is performed in Python.

Project assets

Complementing the manual analysis of data structure and analysis, Cloud Pak for Data offers ready-made functions that, for example, generate statistics about the data set or perform data transformations with simple means. Thus, the basis of data assets is determined quickly and efficiently.


Complementing the manual development of analytical models and analysis in Python, Cloud Pak for Data can perform multiple preparation methods and analysis at once with the "AutoAI" feature. AutoAI performs, compares, and suggests the best candidate. If desired, this can be manually post-processed.


All technical assets are centrally located in a data catalog. This catalog organizes responsibility, access, links to technical terms, visibility, and much more.

Business terms:

Technical assets and their information are associated with business issues and terms. Business terms are linked to technical assets, other business terms, rules or data classes. In this example, everything starts with the business term "Person", which is linked to a table "PERSON". This has 24 columns and is placed in the schema "Admin". The business term "Person" is composed of the terms "FirstName" and "LastName" and is of the type "Class_Person".

Intelligent Document Understanding: Corpus

The basic function for intelligent document processing is the AI's understanding of its domain, expressed in technical terms and special word order. The creation of a "corpus" marks the beginning of the AI's learning phase. In cooperation with the "domain experts", the corpus is created in a clear interface without any special IT knowledge.

"Intelligent Document Understanding": Intelligent Search.

Intelligent search includes the actual process of source linking with the automated search for keywords, relationships, criteria and facets in the data. The process ends with the output of one or more hits and the transfer to the business process.

We are here for you.

  • Fully comprehensive demo platform

    We provide you with a fully comprehensive demo platform where you can use all the features in Cloud Pak for Data. External access is possible (multi-tenant).

  • Explanation of the functionality

    We support you in selecting a suitable use case, choosing the right data and using the essential ones from the multitude of functions of the technology to quickly and pragmatically determine a statement about a possible value and the costs of an AI project. The use is not (as with other offerings in the cloud) limited in time or usage/volume. 

  • Showing possible applications

    We can also use the demo environment to show you the capabilities of the platform, whether you are interested in "Intelligent Document Understanding", data catalogs, data integration, data visualization, analytics, or AI.

You would like to use the test drive? Here you go:

1. Preparation

At the beginning, the involvement of all stakeholders is the first priority. Together, goals and use cases are identified in a workshop and a concrete agenda is developed. This is possible by means of a personal interview or a telephone interview.

2. Execution

This is followed by a concretization of the defined expectations and goals of all participants as well as the developed questions and hypotheses. Based on this, a prototype is developed and the data and results are validated.

3. Follow-up

Finally, a technical and functional documentation of the results for the defined goals and use cases is created. In addition, we provide concrete recommendations for action including a technical assessment.

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