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Standard reports, ad hoc reports, dashboards, and visual analytics – all these methods have the ability to access data.

"To know what you know and to know what you do – this is knowledge".


While Data Integration & Governance is dedicated to Data Management, Transport and Traceability, and Big Data, Data Lake & Date Warehouse serve as the foundation for insight, the discipline of Business Intelligence is designed to provide the necessary means to access data. In the last decades, various methods have been developed to transport information to the end user through the following technologies:

  • Standard reports: Characterized by a professional layout and often distributed to a large number of users in a less dynamic form
  • Ad-hoc reports / analyses: A smaller number of users create their own dynamic analyses based on current requests
  • Dashboards: Oftentimes a new, more dynamic way to distribute information to a large number of users. Additional options such as filters, sorting and prompts allow for spontaneous customization
  • "Visual Analytics", "Exploration": Thanks to special functionality, findings such as deviations, anomalies and correlations are visually presented to the user when he or she searches a data set. Additionally, Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence methods can be used

All the mentioned methods have the ability to access data, data which are e.g. brought to a Data Warehouse or a Big Data solution for the purpose of analysis. If this is not the case for you, we look forward to an appointment to discuss analytical architecture.

The "User"

The term "user" for the users of an analytical solution covers two essential aspects: on the one hand, the user uses the tools, on the other hand – which is even more important – he or she uses the respective information with the aim to gain further knowledge for the management of the company.

We feel committed to this goal, because an laboriously and costly developed solution alone doesn't add value to the company – only the use of the solution enables new insights!

In this sense, we have been working successfully with our customers for years, developing individual solutions – these cover classical implementations as well as solutions for current questions with special offers:

Implementation of Business Intelligence solutions
Communication of facts
Dynamization of reporting

Furthermore, the term Business Intelligence includes methods of Corporate Performance Management, i.e. the support of planning and controlling processes in the company. The required functions are provided by special solutions. Not only do they provide the opportunity to enter plan data and support in the planning process – they also include special calculation methods and, in some cases, very intuitive analysis methods. We support our customers with our knowledge of business management processes, consolidation, key figures (trees) and the technical know-how in the respective solutions.

Here, completely new insights are gained using various mathematical methods – from simple statistics and neural networks to Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning from existing data material. These include insights that increase sales in maintenance and quality through the ideal address of customers. Furthermore, they help to guarantee the satisfaction of employees and customers in call centers regarding the inquiry process.

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