Big Data, Data Lake & Data Warehousing

The collection of company-wide and critical data is the focus of this discipline. The right technology is selected based on the requirements.

"We drown in information but hunger for knowledge"

(John Naisbitt, author for trend and future science)

Whether Big Data, Data Lake, or Data Warehouse  the focus is always on the collection of company-wide, sometimes critical data. In the beginning, the technology should not be the main focus. Instead, the right architecture and (combination of) technologies are selected based on business requirements and restrictions. Neither "Big Data" nor "Data Lake" automatically justifiy Hadoop, nor does a Data Warehouse always follow analytical requirements. The trick is the appropriate use of the best technology for the respective application. We are dedicated to finding and implementing the best technology for our clients' use cases. For this purpose, we use a concept of consecutive workshops – these are described more detailed in the following segment. 

Data Vault

Technology should not be the sole focus  your requirements are decisive for the choice of professional modeling in the Data Warehouse! We have mastered Inmon, Kimble, STAR-Schema, 3 NF, ODS, DWH as well as relatively new "Data Vault": Find out how we developed knowledge and competence in modeling in Data Vault:

We pay special attention to the modernization of existing Data Warehouse installations: Both Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics platforms require a foundation in the form of a solid and agile Data Warehouse (DWH). In times of constantly growing, heterogeneous amounts of data, the DWH is facing new challenges. While business users have ever-increasing demands with regard to the forms of analysis, the DWH should have a flexible data architecture and shine with high performance thanks to state-of-the-art technologies. But reality speaks a different language. Due to increasing complexity, many DWHs have become more unstable in recent years and thus more difficult to maintain. In addition to rising costs, this often leads to frustration and tensions between IT and Line of Business (LoB) or BICC. We take care of the modernization of the DWH or the complete analytics landscape. Of course we also develop the analytical platform for you based on your requirements.

Implementation of Data Warehouse or Big Data Solutions

Our goals: Development of a fully functional and comprehensive platform, consisting of all aspects of Data Integration and Data Management and optimized for customer requirements, analytical issues and BI tools.

Our Offer: Conception, implementation, support

  • A team of experienced project managers, DHW architects and experts designs (if no solution concept exists yet) and develops the complete analytical solution
  • Data Integration from any source
  • Modeling, construction and Data Integration into a Data Warehouse
  • Evaluation, conception and development of a Business Intelligence tool (standard reports, analyses, dashboards, OLAP)
  • Development of a planning solution
  • Technical provision of a Data Science platform
  • Operation and support

Database Technologies – Prerequisite for Analytics and Business Intelligence

Make data available in the right quality at the right place.

The right vendor for every project

Are you looking for technical support in the areas of Analytics: Data Integration, Big Data/Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, Data Science or Corporate Performance Management? We work with OpenSource technologies and commercial solutions of the following vendors:

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