IBM Cloud Pak for Data System

Deploy the optimal hardware to take advantage of all Cloud Pak for Data features industry-wide with the IBM Cloud Pak for Data System (CP4DS).Get in touch with us

Was ist IBM Cloud Pak für Data System?

Benefit from the advantages:

Optimal coordination with each other

The hardware in the Cloud Pak for Data System is optimally coordinated with each other and with the software, and is a prerequisite for the analytical data storage "Netezza Performance Server" (NPS).

Scalability & Performance

Scalability and performance are achieved through more than sufficient CPU power, parallel IO, redundant components and special FPGA chips (Field Programmable Gate Arrays).

For customers with special challenges regarding analytical data processing, for which going to the cloud is not an alternative (e.g. in the public sector, healthcare, security agencies), the Cloud Pak for Data System, together with the Netezza Performance Server, is the optimal decision.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data System

With the Cloud Pak for Data System (CP4DS), IBM provides the optimal hardware for the use of all Cloud Pak for Data functions industry-wide and thus continues the series of ready-configured systems ("Appliance" or "Hyperconverged System").

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Installation. Configuration. Operation. Expertise. Know-how

The experience of TIMETOACT consultants began even before the acquisition of Netezza (the technical predecessor of NPS) by IBM as direct employees. In numerous projects, we were able to prove our knowledge of IBM Cloud Pak for Data and Cloud Pak for Data System, including installation, configuration and operation of the appliance as well as the successful migration from Netezza to NPS. At the same time, we have gained extensive knowledge in successful projects with Cloud Pak for Data and look forward to applying this knowledge in new projects.

Building blocks of the Cloud Pak for Data System:

The following components are combined:
A chassis ...

  • with 4 high density servers each, 16 cores and 192 GB RAM

  • High-performance NVMe drives, 4 x 4 TB per server

  • Optimised network & acceleration through "Field Programmable Gate Arrays" (FPGA)

  • Management Switch

  • Fabric Switch

In the basic version, two chassis are installed; further performance can be acquired through additional chassis. In this case, two fabric and two management switches are automatically installed.

The above-mentioned components result in impressive performance data, starting with 128 core/1.5TB RAM/128TB disk already in the basic version, in eight steps up to 640 core/7.68TB RAM/640TB in the two-rack maximum expansion stage.

This technology thus eclipses the already considerable performance of the predecessor technology "Netezza" or "PureData for Analytics". The first migration projects resulted in performance advantages of a factor of 3 in queries and a factor of 2 in data management.

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