IBM InfoSphere
Information Server

IBM Information Server is a central platform for enterprise-wide information integration. With IBM Information Server, business information can be extracted, consolidated and merged from a wide variety of sources. To provide the services of integrated information management, IBM Information Server consists of different functional modules.

These include:

  • Information Profiling: technical metadata analysis (patterns, distributions, null analysis, key and relation discovery, cross-domain analysis).
  • ETL: Hundreds of transformers or expressions for transforming source data formats into target structures, including combining a wide variety of sources and formats in one data flow
  • Data cleansing: standardization of combined fields, pattern matching, duplicate detection and consolidation
  • Information services: Provision of transformations, data quality functions and arbitrary data access in the form of WebServices for flexible integration of IBM Information Server into existing or newly designed infrastructures

Here's how the IBM InfoSphere Information Server works:

The metadata-centric architecture of IBM Information Server promotes the collaboration of different roles of an information integration project. To this end, technical metadata from upstream systems is integrated, analyzed and used as a basis for further processing. The work results and metadata of further project activities are stored in a central metadata repository and are available to all subsequent activities.

With this functionality, the various meta-information from the different operational systems can be stored and managed in a central location. In the latest version, IBM has modernized the platform / the backend and the complete front end, and also introduced improvements in the supply of Data Lakes. 

More information about InfoSphere Information Server can be found on the manufacturer's website.

This is where we put IBM InfoSphere Information Server to the test:

Our consultants experienced in Data Integration could prove their knowledge in IBM Information Server in many projects. Whether it is new development, migration, optimization: by combining technical knowledge in Database technology, sources, Information Server tools and professional knowledge relating to modeling, Data Warehouse architectures and optimization, we can assist any customer in any phase of Data Integration.

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