IBM Netezza Performance Server as optimised database

Use IBM Netezza Performance Server as optimised database and hardware to accelerate data warehouse implementation.Get in touch with us
What is IBM Netezza / PDA / Integrated Analytics System (IIAS)?

Database and hardware optimised for data warehouse requirements.

IBM Netezza Performance Server is a special database and hardware optimised for data warehouse requirements. Optionally available as a supplement to the "IBM Cloud Pak for Data System", IBM delivers a combination of high-performance hardware optimised for analytical queries and an analytical database that requires virtually no optimisation, indices, etc.

Why should IBM Netezza Performance Server be used?

Accelerated implementation of a data warehouse.

The advantages of the IBM Netezza Performance Server lie primarily in its simplicity and simultaneous speed. The underlying hardware architecture with optimised configuration of disks, CPU and network, including special components "FPGA" (Field Programmable Gate Array), ensures consistently outstanding query speed regardless of the data volume in the data warehouse.

The database software used, in turn, is 100% tailored to the hardware and manages almost completely without manual optimisation or division into special memory areas (in-memory, column-based, indexed, materialised, etc.). This significantly simplifies the implementation of a high-performance data warehouse or considerably accelerates existing installations (factor 20-100 already realised in projects).

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Both the concept and the technology of IBM appliances based on Netezza or Db2 are well known to us. Our consultants have gained experience with Netezza / PureData for Analytics in numerous projects, often in combination with e.g. IBM Information Server or IBM Cognos. We have already carried out installations or supported our customers in migrating from other databases in order to achieve the full added value of the platform. We also lead the way with our knowledge of IBM Cloud Pak for Data as the underlying base technology.

Here we use Netezza / IBM PureData for Analytics (PDA) / IBM Integrated Analytics System (IIAS):

IBM Appliances Guidelines


By combining essential components in a pre-integrated and tested configuration, a fast and efficient implementation is made possible.


They consist of standard components that can be easily expanded. The growth of the BI landscape can be adapted and a change to a higher class with higher performance is also possible without any problems, as all classes use the same software.


The precise coordination of the individual hardware components and the excellent utilisation through the software, which can be parallelised in all parts, allow high cost efficiency.

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The TIMETOACT GROUP supports the Verband der Ersatzkassen e. V. in the switch from a system environment to the latest IBM technology.

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