IBM Netezza / PDA / Integrated Analytics System (IIAS)

IBM offers Database technology for specific purposes in the form of appliance solutions. In the Data Warehouse environment, the Netezza technology, later marketed under the name "IBM PureData for Analytics", is particularly well known. Both Netezza and PDA have been announced by IBM and alternatives need to be found. Whether "Integrated Analytics Systems powered by Db2" (IIAS) or IBM Performance Server (IPS), both solutions have value and are worth considering for modernizing the aging systems environment. These appliances are workload optimized systems designed to meet specific Business Intelligence requirements. They consist of a combination of hardware and software and are available in a variety of configurations and sizes. Such appliances are the basis for a stable Data Warehouse infrastructure at many customers and support the realization of Data Warehouse requirements. 

More information about the IBM Integrated Analytics System can be found here on the manufacturer's website.

The IBM appliances are designed according to the guidelines of simplicity, flexibility and performance. 

  • Simplicity, because the combination of essential components in a pre-integrated and tested configuration enables fast and efficient implementation.
  • Flexibility, because they consist of standard components that can be easily extended. The growth of the BI landscape can be adapted. Also, a change to a higher class with higher performance is possible without problems, because all classes use the same software.
  • Performance, because the precise tuning of the individual hardware building blocks and the excellent utilization through the software, which can be parallelized in all parts, allows high cost efficiency

Here we use Netezza / IBM PureData for Analytics (PDA) / IBM Integrated Analytics System (IIAS):

Both the concept and the technology of IBM appliances based on Netezza and Db2 are well known to us. Our consultants have gained experience with Netezza / PureData for Analytics in numerous projects, often in combination with e.g. IBM Information Server or IBM Cognos.

Sprechen Sie uns zu Netezza / IBM PureData for Analytics (PDA) / IBM Integrated Analytics System (IIAS) gerne an!

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