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In IBM Watson Knowledge Studio, you train the AI on technical terms and lay the foundation for automated text processing. Get in touch with us

What is IBM Watson Knowledge Studio?

In IBM Watson Knowledge Studio, you train an Artificial Intelligence (AI) on specialist terms of your company or specialist area ("domain knowledge"). In this way, you lay the foundation for the automated text processing of extensive, specialized documents. 

Entities and relations are first used to define a corpus that describes the terms and their interrelationships. 

The defined corpus is then trained on existing documents: using a combination of dictionaries (containing fixed terms) and a graphical interface (in which subject matter experts mark the terms and relationships they know), the system is taught the domain knowledge. The activity can be divided among a team of subject matter experts until the AI is finally trained based on the specifications.

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  • Definition of the use case

    Our procedure is determined by the approach of first identifying the concrete use cases and challenges  technical and functional  with different workshops. Afterwards, the procedure and the selection of solution components are defined. 

  • Identifying the effort

    In the spirit of an agile project approach, it has proven useful to first create an "MVP" (Minimum Viable Product), which can be used to determine not only the technical feasibility, but also the technical effort required.

  • Know-how and expertise

    We support our customers through broad know-how, intensive partnership with manufacturers and project experience.

Benefit from IBM Watson Knowledge Studio

Easy to use

The declaration of entities and relationships is done in an easy-to-learn interface. Users without IT knowledge create the corpus based on their domain knowledge.

Fast and distributed learning

The learning is divided into two aspects: by means of dictionaries and by "annotation" of the subject experts. The latter can be distributed among several teams, the solution offers a resolution of different interpretations.

Simplified annotation

Models that have already been learned are used before manual corrections have to be made. This simplifies and accelerates the process.

Version management and deployment

Versions are created automatically and can be used as desired. This allows better models to be identified without the risk of damaging good models.

How IBM Watson Knowledge Studio works

Recognizing addresses, names, even credit card numbers, etc., is a basic function of modern AI systems à la Watson. But only the combination with technical terms enables the AI to analyze extensive, technical documents correctly, relevantly and thus valuable for the company. For example, article numbers in a common scheme, order quantities and prices that appear in ever similar constellations on an invoice. Or in other specialist areas where, for example, court decisions are analyzed according to "judgment", "plaintiff", "reasoning". 

In this way, an AI model is created with which new, unknown  but similar – documents can later be read by the AI and automatically analyzed according to their content. Within the Watson cosmos, this model is integrated into the other modules "Watson Discovery" or "Watson Natural Language Processing" in order to always analyze the document inventory in the company during operations. This includes uncovering potential for recourse, processing invoices / orders automatically or processing damage reports.

Test the solution in our demo platform

By providing our comprehensive demo and customer data platform, we offer customers the opportunity to get a very quick and pragmatic impression of the AI solution IBM Cloud Pak for Data. IBM Watson Knowledge Studio is also available for testing.

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