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About Opsgenie

Opsgenie allows you to receive incidents in a centralized manner. Incidents are categorized and then routed to the right people to resolve the issue. Use your on-call schedule as well as escalation plan to find the right person to contact. Also, use various ways to communicate with all stakeholders such as email, chats, or zoom integration for video calling. Permanently improve your service through reporting and post-mortem analysis.

Incident Management with Opsgenie

Opsgenie allows you to categorize alerts and always route them to the right technician with customized schedules. Automatically link files as well as documents to the incident and share via chat features in teams or Slack for quick issue resolution. Link the incident to your Jira tickets and Bitbucket to create a comprehensive post-mortem analysis.

Your advantages with Opsgenie:


Respond quickly to warnings


Improve your performance with dynamic reports and analytics.


Integrate your own incident workflows


7 tips to get new technicians ready for on-call duty

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Streamline your DevOps processes with Opsgenie.

Opsgenie helps you quickly resolve issues that arise during development. Dashboards as well as definable workflows help you investigate incidents and ensure and document required steps. Integrate Opsgenie into your DevOps solution and quickly take the right actions when incidents occur.

Our service for Statuspage and Opsgenie from Atlassian

We can support you in the integration as well as implementation and operation of your IT service management. Develop or optimize your service management strategy with our team of experts and use our know-how to network it with all relevant interfaces in your company. We are also happy to support you in the operation of your service management by taking over certain tasks and thus relieving your service team.


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