IBM Decision Optimization

Mathematical algorithms enable fast and efficient improvement of partially conflicting specifications. The IBM Decision Optimization product family includes 

  • the ILOG CPLEX Decision OptimizationStudio: an integrated development solution for the definition of optimization models
  • the IBM Decision Optimization Center: the complete platform for creating and implementing applications for end-to-end decision support
  • CPLEX is the toolbox for the optimizer. With the help of the programming language OPL (Optimization Programming Language) functions are connected and processes are modeled. An evaluation is performed according to the defined KPI. Since the OPL programming language was specifically designed to map mathematical formulas, both developers and mathematicians can use it quickly and intuitively.
  • the Decision Optimization Service: which performs the actual calculation behind these and other platforms.

As an integral part of IBM's Data Science platform "Cloud Pak for Data" or "IBM Watson Studio", Decision Optimization has been significantly extended and embedded into the Data Science process. Now, in addition to the classic notebooks and other tools for the Data Scientist, functions for decision optimization are also available in Watson Studio. On the one hand, developers are supported with an interface for classical modeling in OPL (see CPLEX); on the other hand, less technical users can quickly develop models for predetermined scenarios using an assistant:

  • Allocation of resources to tasks, locations, etc.

  • Scheduling to organize tasks, activities, etc.

  • Selection of elements or combinations

  • Supply chain and demand planning

The optimization tools are suitable for all industries and branches of business, examples are transportation, personnel scheduling, production planning, insurance management and others.

More information about IBM solutions can be found here.

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